November 21, 2016 sophia smith

Benefits of Tantric Massage in London

The Many Benefits of Tantric Massage

Do you feel that you are not able to satisfy your partner sexually or you are probably low in confidence? If you are looking for a solution to your problem and don’t know what can help you, we might have just the answers you are looking for. The answer to your problems is tantric touch. Tantric Massage is no ordinary service and should not be considered as mere foreplay before sex. It is indeed a rejuvenating experience that removes all the blockages and unleashes your sexual energies. It would be no exaggeration to state that a tantra will relax and revitalize you and make you feel like a new person altogether.

Tantric Massage in London has its roots in ancient Hindu tradition. In Hinduism the male reproductive organ is worshiped as the symbol of Lord Shiva while the female reproductive organ or the Yoni is held in high esteem because it is believed to be a symbol of Goddess Shakti. Reproduction is not just the unison of the male and female body but the coming together of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti for creation. Only when there is a perfect balance between Shiva and Shakti, there is perfect harmony in the world. Tantric sensation originates from this elevated belief and therefore is performed with great care.

With the western world being exposed to the benefits of Yoga and other ancient Hindu rituals, tantra service in London is fast becoming popular. It should not however be assumed that therapists are just some other cheap imitation of the wise people in the east who are steeped in tradition. Therapists who specialize in tantra services in London have indeed invested a lot of years in perfecting the art of tantric touch. The aim of a tantra is to awaken the seat of love or passion that is called the “kundalini”. Sexual performance may be marred when the Kundalini is at a dormant state and the energies do not flow through it adequately.

The process of awakening

The therapist who performs tantra service or a nude massage on you, will therefore perform the massage in a manner that the Kundalini is awaken. A good tantra by awakening of the kundalini also facilitates the physical, emotional as well as spiritual healing by freeing up the chakras. There are seven main chakras that are present in the human body each of which have a main function to perform. The kundalini is awakened by the help of many yogic moves that your therapist will carry out on you.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the process of tantric sensation and it often brings out very strong emotions in a human being. Especially if someone has been the victim of sexual abuse at some point in his or her life, a tantra will bring about a strong emotional response. This means that there has been an emotional scar that process of healing of which has now started. Anecdotal evidence suggests that tantra touch in London has helped a lot of rape victims who have emerged as stronger women after their traumatic experience.

This kind of service may also prove to be very useful for couples who have been in strife and their physical relationship is sagging. Although it may be embarrassing to admit it, but there are phases in the sexual life of each couple and if there is a problem, there is no use denying it. Instead as a couple it is going to be much more prudent if you take a step together to rectify things between you two. A good way to do so is to opt for a couples tantric session.

If you are having some minor issues in your relationship a couple’s tantric session is sure to rectify the same for you. However make sure that you go to an authentic place when you are seeking out tantra massage parlour London. Do remember that there are many phonies out there who are out there trying to make a quick buck riding on the popularity of tantric sensation. Though the internet will lead you to many sources that claim they provide authentic tantra service in London, do make sure you carry out enough background checks before you trust anyone.