November 8, 2016 sophia smith

The Connection between Tantra Massage and Tanra

What is the connection between tantra massage and tantra?

a ) The development of the tantra massage

The term “tantra massage” was coined during its development in the “neotantra” schools. In particular, the tantric master Andro Andreas Rothe has to be named here since almost all tantra massages are still largely based on his pioneering work. His massage was extended and further developed by various massage institutes and trainers and is still being changed and adapted today.

b ) The relationship between neo-tantra schools and tantra massage

Tantra massage and tantra are not identical; indeed, none of the original tantric traditions mention massage or sensuality. For this reason, the tantra massage movement is often faced with the accusations that it is espousing roots that are not its own, degenerating “true tantra”, or even commercializing tantra.

The latter accusation of commercialization is fairly easy to counter: all Western tantra schools can and could only spread by means of paid services such as seminars and workshops. In today’s society the flow of money is a prerequisite for almost any exchange of services or ideas, including worldviews or spiritual teachings. Tantra massages are a valid service; their visionary background and spiritual roots do not detract from their integrity.

The accusation of degeneration is just as unfounded: tantra was originally always a religion for the people. The official religions of Hinduism and Buddhism incorporated and reformed it, sometimes persecuted and condemned it, and also elevated it into occult teachings, making it inaccessible to common people.

Tantra massage offers the opportunity to allow many people to experience the spirit of tantra, even those who do not explicitly want to follow a particular spiritual insight tradition. The fundamental wisdom of the unity of all human aspects and the affirmation of sensuality and sexuality as a life force both apply to every human.

Nonetheless, one phenomenon should not be overlooked in this regard. The increasing popularity of tantra massage in recent years has led to a vast array of “tantra massages” coming onto the market whose quality and background are not always above suspicion. So the Tantra Massage Association sees one of its tasks as offering orientation in the form of ensuring and further developing the quality of the massages offered by its member institutes.

c ) How is a tantra massage tantric?

Although tantra and tantra massage should not be treated as one and the same thing, the tantra massage as propagated and represented by the Tantra Massage Association is based on certain spiritual foundations that can be found in all historical, geographical and ideological manifestations of the tantric massage Chelsea teachings and in many other wisdom traditions as well. The following sections shows which attitudes and components express the tantric aspects of the massage.


The tantra massage’s ritualized procedure has the effect of objectifying the action. The primary focus is not on the individual selection and sequence of massage strokes but rather on the predetermined and valid structure that lends the practitioner’s actions their authority. This compares to the use of an icon or mandala, which are both created according to canonically prescribed instructions. These instructions were determined at some point in the past and the same pattern is always applied. So icons and mandalas are not works of art in a free sense. And for the same reason, an icon is never signed by the artist with their own name. The result then has a different effect, beyond individual taste or ego.


The approach in tantra massage is one of honoring and worship. During the massage, the divine aspect of the guest is honored – their femaleness or maleness being perceived purely. The ritual form of the tantric massage SW3 is an essential aspect of this fundamental attitude, since it allows both participants to take a step out of their everyday presence and enter a ceremonial setting to celebrate their own body and experience their own sensuality with dignity and beauty.

This imparts a feeling of acceptance which in turn is the prerequisite for fully enjoying a massage – which can actually be a healing experience. The act of fully accepting and honoring that which is present at this time in this place turns the meeting of massage practitioner and guest into an authentic encounter. This contrasts with the approach taken in therapeutic or treatment settings (see below). Therapy is based on diagnosis. However, the diagnostic view is depersonalizing because it doesn’t look at the person but rather focuses on the illness.


One quality that makes a best tantric massage in London is being holistic. It touches the whole person without avoiding any part of the body. It also doesn’t leave out the aspect of sexuality, awakening its energy as a life force. And every consequence of this, whether breath, voice or movement, whether ejaculation, convulsions or tears … all the way to passionate-mystical experiences or even just a plain simple orgasm: everything is fine and welcome the way it is.

Even the absence of any of this (e.g. ejaculation) is fine and welcome. There is no pressure to perform. With regard to orgasms, we do not regard the suppression of ejaculation as essentially tantric. However, channeling sexual energy can be very desirable and supported during the massage. Each individual man and woman has their own attitude towards ejaculation and this should be respected.

Transpersonal Encounter

A conscious step on the part of the participants in the massage enables them to meet as Shiva and Shakti – the divine presence within humans. The everyday man and everyday woman with all their projections take a step back, allowing them to represent the divine during the ritual.

Honoring phrases are spoken to open up the inner massage space and transform the next actions into sacred actions. This might sound somewhat “theological” but it implies nothing other than a conscious act of ritual greeting which enables the participants to leave behind their judgement and habits. What remains is deep respect and mutual appreciation. Respect is the approach which we offer and which we also demand of our guests.

Sexuality as life force and nothing other than that

In our Western culture, sexuality is almost always linked to other issues: relationship, love, guilt, shame, neediness, victim-perpetrator, disdain, marriage, politics etc.

However, sexuality during a tantra massage is simply about the sexual force itself. It is the movement of sexual energy that is not tied down to anything else. Without this power there would be no life.

Here we adopt the approach that sexuality should not be instrumentalised. It is not a means to an end: it does not serve as a vehicle to spiritual enlightenment. In other words, we are not interested in “spiritually exploiting” sexuality. Instead, we allow sexuality to be what it always has been and always will be, nothing more and nothing less: sensual and extrasensory, and passionate.